44Teeth’s 2nd Birthday Bashment

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Today is 44Teeth’s 2nd birthday, which is a marvellous feat considering its founders. In just two years, we’ve amassed 50,000 subscribers and regularly attracted six-figure viewer numbers to this very interweb site. Once again, our grafting has been recognised and we’ve acquired several digital awards* through exceptional content.

More importantly, we’re halfway to achieving what we originally set out to do – change the world of motorcycle journalism and offer something completely different to the norm. There are still some intransigent industry insiders clinging onto print magazines as if it’s the future, mocking our contemporary style and sheer dickery. And we can’t blame them.

The (largely) positive feedback and interaction has been overwhelming at times and we simply couldn’t continue without the encouragement. To every single one of you guys, thank you so much for watching, reading, liking, sharing and wanking general encouragement. And to those who have financially contributed with merch sales and 44Reward codes, a double bloody thank you. Please continue to do so.

Here’s our 2nd year anthology in video format. Enjoy.

Al and Chris x



*This is entirely fictional

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