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Motorcycle insurance can be a complex and confusing game, now made far easier by our friends at BeMoto who – like us – are gamechangers in their respective field. Owned and run by genuine bikers who actually understand motorcycles rather than call-centre suits, Bemoto offer all sorts of quality insurance products and we’re certain they can help you. Hit the pic/link for a full rundown of these sexy insurance offerings..

Samco Sport® are the world leader in performance silicone hose construction, crafted in their UK facility and used by some of the biggest race teams worldwide – and 44T. Samco Sport’s attention to detail and quality assurance processes ensure all their products are built to withstand the high pressure and temperature demands of competition, and are available in a range of 20 colors. Tried, tested and trusted by the world’s best. Order now and join #TeamSamco.


There’s a reason why eleventeen million riders in the BSB paddock – and us here at 44T – wear RST. You can’t beat value for money, and we’re now offering 10% off all RST products through our partners at Bike Stop.


Tyre warmers are essential for racing and trackdays, and a decent set is well worth the investment. We’ve teamed-up with Thermal Technology to bring you 10% off all TT warmers, which are used in MotoGP and by JG Speedfit Kawasaki, Honda Racing, Team WD-40, FS-3 Racing, Tyco BMW, Riders and Bathams Racing in BSB. And us.


Termignoni exhausts adorn plenty of factory race bikes across the globe, and now you can get an exclusive 10% off these Italian beauties for your steed with our partners at Conquest Carbon – including THAT Panigale exhaust seen on Shakey Byrne’s BeWiser Ducati and John Hopkins’ Moto Rapido Pornigale.

raceboltRacebolt design and manufacturer premium bolts, fasteners and fixings in titanium, aluminium, and stainless steel. Unlike other bolt brands, all manufacturing and finishing is carried out in the UK at the Bristol factory. Racebolt are official suppliers to Cal Crutchlow’s LCR Honda squad, plus many other factory teams across the globe. Get your moto on a diet, with 10% off all Racebolt goodies!


Sprint Filters are the official Ducati air filter for 2018, and we can now offer a wedge-saving 15% off all Sprint products thanks to our friends at Conquest Carbon – an official UK distributor. Getting more air into your bike is essential for efficient sucking, squeezing, banging and blowing, and a good air filter makes this possible.

large_conquest_wheelsAlthough this great British brand needs little introduction, Dymag was the carbon wheels originator and continues to produce high performance rims for a huge number of bikes. Used all over the world by numerous race teams, you can now get 5% off all Dymag wheels. Bellas rodas…

large_conquestConquest Carbon make delicious carbon fibre and also specialise in performance parts for various bikes (check out the other artwork/codes below). Get an exlcusive 10% off all CC carbon for EUROPEAN models.

large_kriegaKriega is simply the best motorcycle soft luggage and bike-specific bags around. Get 10% off with our buddies at Bike Stop. Designed in England, you’ll also get a 10-year guarantee on all products…

large_blipBike Sport Developments make all sorts of Gucci electronic goodies including the BlipBox (the plug and play auto-blipper) and those snazzy handlebar switches. We’ve teamed-up with BSD for a special offer, where you can get 10% off all Blip-Box products and ‘bar switches.


Having teamed-up with the fine chaps at Conquest Carbon once again, 44T followers can now get 10% off all Puig products: everything from screens, levers, handguards and protection from these Spanish purveyors of quality.

large_bmwIf Carlsberg did motorcycle dealerships, they still wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as our friends at Bahnstormer BMW. 44T has teamed-up with Alton/Maidenhead’s Motorrad dealer and we’re now offering 5% off all online shop items.

large_spiderSpider make sexual rearsets (among other trick goodies) at home in Italy, and are used by a feast of race teams around the world. Grab 10% off all Spider parts from the fine folk at Conquest Carbon…

large_fullsixFullSix make carbon fibre, and their products are used in many racing paddocks across the globe – including Moto Rapido’s BSB efforts. You can get 10% off all FullSix products through Conquest Carbon for any model…

large_ducabikeDucabike: The highest quality aftermarket parts for your Ducati! Italian made parts and accessories for your Italian pride and joy. Get 10% off all Ducabike goodies with our friends at Carbon Conquest using the code, ‘CC44T’…