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Forget about the Le Mans 24 hours, that’s yesterday’s news. The Freetech Endurance Championship is heading back to Teesside and this time it’s for 24 hours of racing. The inaugural 24 hours Freetech Endurance race will take place this weekend (3rd – 4th July 2021) with the race beginning at 12 noon on Saturday, finishing at 12 noon on Sunday. 63 teams will be battling it out for 24 hours straight, primarily on production-based 125cc four stroke motorcycles.

And yes, we will be there! The Factory Suzuki Racing Team by 44Teeth will of course be campaigning the trusty GSX-R125, sporting the number 1 plate. We’ve drafted in some help from Will and Bonno at JHS Racing and Gaz’ll be there to put a stint or two in as well. The dream team.

We’re expecting tough competition though; some teams have drafted BSB level riders in for the event. But our plan will be to just keep plodding along, smashing the laps in and not crashing. Definitely not crashing. Although I do have a feeling there’ll be a lot of crashing from the other teams.

Because whilst some teams have drafted top riders in, others have persuaded some much less experienced riders to sign up. It’s great that the format attracts people with all sorts of backgrounds and experience levels, but it means you can expect some carnage.

2020 Freetech Endurance Suzuki

At the shorter Freetech Endurance events, there’s a massive disparity between the fast and the slow riders. I have a feeling it’s going to be even bigger at the 24 hours of Teesside! But it all adds to the fun, doesn’t it?

The Factory Suzuki Racing Team by 44Teeth haven’t had a win so far this year, so we’ll be doing our level best to keep the little Gixxer shiny side up. As well as going fast.

The inaugural 24 hours of Teesside will be a war of attrition. Who will be the last man standing; the last team standing. Who’s got a bike that will do 24 hours non-stop?

All will be revealed on Sunday the 4th of July at high noon. But if you can’t wait until then, you can see how the race is progressing on the live timing here.

Teesside; lets ‘av it.

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  1. Good luck fellas – looking forward to the YouTube vid. Might even pop along and spectate for a few rainy laps whilst smashing a mystery meat burger from the snack van in my face.

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