2021 Aprilia Tuono 660
When word got out about the RS 660, we were all pretty gosh darn excited. We rode the RS last year and, despite not being able to firmly place it in a particular motorcycle genre, were pretty impressed with its peachy little engine, the way it handled and its space-age tech. That said, the...
2021 Ducati Monster

When you’ve sold as many Monsters as Ducati have – more than 350,000 – you know you’re onto a winner. But whilst the Monster 1200 always seemed to be exactly what it said on the tin (a Monster), its smaller sibling, the Monster 900 never seemed quite as monstrous as I’d have liked….

2021 BMW S 1000 R

BMW has finally given the S 1000 R a long-overdue update; it’s 5.1kg lighter, it’s got a new chassis and yes, before you ask, it does include the newer spec S 1000 RR based engine… sort of. Ok, it’s not in the same 200bhp+ state of tune and you don’t get shifting cams, but essentially, it’s…

2022 Honda CB300R | Baby’s come back
Honda have just released the news that the mummy-bear CB is back, new and improved. Well one of the mummy-bear CBs, anyway. The Honda CB300R joins the CB125R, CB650R and CB1000R in the ‘Neo Sports Café’ family as the new model that Honda say is ‘a unique proposition for... Read more
It’s not too early to start planning your summer holiday
It’s 2022. A new year, a new you, and all that nonsense. This one’s going to be a good one though; the best one yet. As long as you start making plans now. What’s happening this year that’ll make it even better than last year? If you don’t know... Read more
Jack Miller has got Covid-19
News came through today that Aussie MotoGP ace Jack Miller has caught Covid-19 and is isolating at his home in Australia. Some would say it’s a fairly handy time to catch it, as we’re six weeks away from the first round of the MotoGP Championship (Qatar, 6th March), but... Read more
Why bike racing fans are better than any other sports fans
Not everyone will know this, but bike racing fans are way better than any other type of sports fans. Or certainly better than any I’ve ever come across anyway. “In what way?” I hear you ask. Well quite a few ways… let me explain. Knowledge It never ceases to... Read more
How UK motorcycle helmets are tested
If you want to know how safe a motorcycle helmet is it’s quite easy to look up on the SHARP (Safety Helmets Assessment and Rating Program) website. They’ve got over 500 helmets listed on there, all of which have been put through a rigorous testing program and given a... Read more
Why selling a bike is like losing a family member
I’ve got a bit of a problem (actually, I could probably write you a list of ‘em). I love buying motorbikes, no matter how old or falling to bits they are. But the problem is, I really struggle to sell them. So what’s happened is this, I’ve filled up... Read more
Are you a biker or a motorcyclist?
Is there even a difference? I think there is. To me, the two words have wildly different connotations. And if you ride a motorbike, you’ll be somewhere on the biker vs motorcyclist spectrum. There’s no right or wrong side and many people might consider themselves to be just either... Read more
Oliver’s Mount Spring Cup Cancelled
The organisers of the Oliver’s Mount road races have just made the announcement that the Spring Cup will not go ahead in 2022. And in a rare twist, for these times, it’s not down to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. No, rather than the cancelation having anything ‘public health’ related,... Read more
If you can’t afford the best kit, at least get some that fits
Recently a friend of mine was bragging about his helmet (not that one, he was talking about his crash helmet). “These cost over £600 new, and I got it for £60,” he told me, “And it’s only three years old,” Out of sheer politeness, I ignored the fact that... Read more
2021 is best year ever for Ducati. So what?
It’s smiles all round at Ducati at the moment, as it’s just come out that 2021 was their best year ever, as far as motorcycle sales go. Worldwide, they sold 59,447 motorcycles. And that’s in the same year they won the MotoGP Constructors title. Double whammy. But does this... Read more
Why bike insurance is more expensive than your old MCE policy
Over the last few weeks, the internet has been buzzing with talk of MCE Insurance. Specifically how they’ve let a massive portion of their customer-base down. Long story short, they’ve gone into administration, so any policies underwritten by their own underwriters will be void come the end of the... Read more
Anti-tampering Regs | The Government’s Response
You’ve probably heard by now of the Department for Transport’s plans to ban tampering, of any kind, to road vehicles. That includes bikes, cars, vans, trucks, everything. Quite a lot of people have been getting pretty upset about it, and for good reason. Now though, in response to a... Read more