2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 | A new adventure

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It sounds like Hinkley lot mean business with the 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200. Rather than just updating what is/was a very serviceable adventure bike with a new colour scheme, they’ve gone all the way back to the drawing board to create a lighter, faster, and altogether more capable machine. ‘A transformation in capability and performance on the tarmac’ and ‘the most dynamic and exciting experience off-road’ is what they’re claiming. And as well as that, there are two new members of the Tiger 1200 family; the GT Explorer and the Rally Explorer, both with a whopping 30 litre fuel tank.

When I say they’ve gone back to the drawing board, that’s back to the drawing board with just about everything. There’s a new engine, new frame, tweaked ergonomics, and new tech, including radar and electronic suspension.

And when I say faster and lighter, I mean that too. The new motor makes 148bhp, which is 9bhp more than the previous Tiger 1200. And it’s 25kg lighter than the old model, too. Oh, and it makes 140Nm of torque.


All that extra power is thanks to an all-new 1160cc triple T-plane engine. The new uneven firing order has boosted the Tiger’s midrange, as well as top-end power, and helps with tractability when you’re just plodding around. It’s said to make the new model even more user friendly, particularly if you decide to take your Tiger off-road.

If you are going off-road on your 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200, you’d probably be best suited to the Rally Pro, or the Rally Explorer, with their new wire-spoked wheels; a 21-incher at the front, and an 18 -incher at the rear. If you’re looking for a slightly more road-focused Tiger, than the GT, the GT Pro, or the GT Pro Explorer would probably be the one for you. All the GT models come with 19 -inch front and 18-inch rear cast aluminium wheels.

The new frame and swingarm both play a big part in reducing the weight of the new Tigers. The fuel tank is also lighter, as is the engine and the drive shaft. 25kg is a massive amount of weight to loose and will almost certainly make the big Tiger feel even more sprightly.


The five different Tiger 1200 models all come with varying levels of tech, including Showa electronic suspension, radar-enabled blind spot detection, Brembo Stylema brakes, a 7-inch dash that you can connect your smartphone to, quickshifter, heated grips, tyre pressure monitoring system and hill hold. And you can adjust the seat height, handlebar and foot peg positions, to make sure you’re new bike fits you perfectly.

There are a bunch of different colours to choose from, too; white, back and khaki for the Rally models and white, black and blue for the GTs.

You can’t have one just yet but you should be able to find them in dealerships by Spring-time. The most basic model, the 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT will be £14,600 and the other models will be slightly/considerably more, depending on what level of spec you fancy.


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  1. A few years back you gents done a video about going to the Nurburgring with one of these bikes as a noble steed. May I suggest getting the band back together and tackling the mighty ring again?

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