2022 Isle of Man TT: Boothy’s Statement

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As most of you know, Boothy crashed at Joey’s during a qualifying session at the 2022 Isle of Man TT races and suffered significant leg injuries, as well as a few other complications. He was conscious and airlifted by helicopter to Noble’s before being transferred by plane to Liverpool the same night.

We’ve been overwhelmed by messages of support and people wanting to know how Boothy is, but haven’t been able to update you guys because of the severity of the situation. Well, as things have become slightly more stable, the man himself has typed these very words from his hospital bed. Over to you, Boothy… 

“First of all,  I just want to say how humbling it’s been to have received so much love and support over the last few weeks. After I crashed at the TT on the last night of practice, I’ve been inundated with messages from people all over the world and it really has lifted my spirits.

“Secondly, I just want to apologise for not being able to reply to everyone that has sent well wishes whilst I’ve been coping with some of the most difficult days of my life.

“Please don’t take it personally; other than the amazing doctors, nurses and medical staff that have been looking after me, I’ve barely spoken to anyone since the accident. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to, it’s because I haven’t been able to. I had ten trips to theatre in the first two weeks, which was really fucking exhausting. And when I wasn’t in theatre, I was either in too much pain, or on too many drugs to keep my eyes open. It was, and still really is, a case of resting as much as possible.

“But because it’s become clear that so many people are so genuinely concerned, I thought I’d try and give you as much of an update as I can.

“Both femurs were broken in the crash, but they were amongst the first to receive treatment, so I’m quietly confident about those, in the longer term.

“There is also some spinal damage, higher up the back, which could prove problematic, but needs more investigation before they can say for sure.

“The injuries to the lower legs were fairly serious, with some quite nasty bone and soft tissue damage. The left tib and fib have been fixed, and the docs said the operation went really well. Unfortunately, the damage to the right lower leg was too bad, and despite the surgeons’ best efforts, they weren’t able to save it, so one of the trips to theatre was to amputate my right leg, just below the knee.

“Losing my leg has been one of the most difficult things to get my head round and, if I’m being honest, the main reason this update has taken so long to come. It’s hard to explain something like that to others, when you’ve not really come to terms with it yourself.

“But the more I think about it, the more I realise that actually, losing a leg doesn’t have to be that big of a deal, if you don’t want it to be. I’ve seen people run marathons, climb mountains, race bikes and do all sorts of stuff, with prosthetic limbs. Things will be different, but it’s not the end of the world…. and crashing where I did, could (and probably should) have been a lot worse.

“Recovery-wise, it’s definitely not going to be speedy. All of my separate injuries are fairly hefty by themselves, and dealing with them all properly, all at the same time, is tough. The road ahead is going to be long one. And probably full of massive bumps and some seriously hard days. But I’ll be doing everything I possibly can to get as fit as I possibly can, as soon as I possibly can.

“And I’ve got some close family and friends around me that I know will be there for me every painful step of the way. I just really hope, for my future-wife Kaye’s sake, that I’m not going to be too horrendous to live with, when they eventually let me out of hospital.

“And I also know, from the past couple weeks, that I’ve got the entire 44Teeth community on my side. As I said before, your messages and comments really have lifted my spirits, and helped me get through some of the most difficult days of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Boothy xx

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    1. That’s a thoughtful summation of a horrible situation. The TT asks a lot of it’s racing family and it’s good to see people being so supportive weeks after the roads have gone quiet. We’ve never met but I add my very best wishes for a quick recovery from your current injuries.

    2. I’m really sorry to hear the full extent of your injuries but sending you all the luck & the best for your recovery.

  1. Mate, if anyone can handle this it’s you. Definitely been thinking of you and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for the update.

  2. I’m so sorry to read this – the severity of your damages and all. All the best Boothy. Try to stay positive and happy to be alive – and know this, we are all rooting for you!

  3. Hi Boothy really devastated for you to hear about the seriousness of your injuries, we are all behind you, we all wish you a very speedy recovery, hopefully out of something bad will come something good. Try to keep that great spirit you have and keep us all laughing as you do especially with your own style of onboard commentary!

  4. I am so sorry to hear the extent of your injuries, this is the cruel side of the sport we all love, stay strong my thoughts are with you at this difficult time

  5. Hope you have a speedy recovery Keep your sprints up remember always look on the bright side of life Boothy

  6. You got this big man. Wishing you all the best! Look forward to one day having you back making us laugh on 44teeth.

  7. Boothy!

    All the best mate and wishing you all the best with your recovery!

    What an amazing outlook you have! Keep positive mate.


  8. I was scared to click the link because of what I’d read. I’ve been wondering every day how you were getting on after meeting you at the NW200.
    I don’t know what to say but keep battling on, things will get easier and they could have been alot worse. Was just watching Wayne Rainey riding his GP bike up Goodwood hill for the first time!
    Hawaiian Brian will be back!

  9. Wow, I can’t begin to imagine how hard all of that is to deal with. All the best Boothy, rest up and come back strong ❤️

  10. Keep you’re chin up big man and try to stay positive, a new chapter of you’re life is about to start so come back stronger! It will only keep you down if you let it. Positive vibes sent your way boothy! Get that bbb5 chariot fixed up and you’ll soon be at it mate. Chin up.

  11. You’ve got this man. One day at a time, nothing keeps a Yorkshireman down! Not long till you’re shaking your wonky prosthetic at people to wave as you overtake them! Be amazing if we do some sort of local event to raise some cash for your recovery and get the best care possible for your recovery!

  12. Sorry to hear this Boothy 🙁 I’d assumed your injuries were not as bad as that, all the best with your recovery and hope to see you back as fit as ever soon as possible. Get well soon mate

  13. You’ve got this Boothy. You and the rest of 44Teeth are a huge inspiration to me and one of the reasons why I want to get into motorcycle racing. Seeing this message from you and how you’re handling the entire situation when it’s such a tough one is incredible.

    Hope the rest of your recovery goes well!

  14. Best wishes Boothy, cant imagine how difficult that must be but what a great attitude youve got. Insiprational. All the best for your recovery

  15. Thanks for the update – I’m sure your positive attitude and support group will serve you well throughout your recovery

  16. Oh my days… that was a tough one to read. I can’t even begin to imagine what you and your family and friends are going through. Thank you for the update not what anyone would of hoped for but thank you for the insight to how things are. I truly hope things get better for you. Rest up and take your time, life will move forward it’s not the end of anything it is just the beginning

  17. Fair play to you, Boothy. To be going through all of that and still being so positive shows shows amazing strength of character. We’ll still be here when you come back.

  18. Thinking of you buddy, stay positive and you’ll smash through it. Like you say things could have been alot worse and losing a limb won’t stop you in any way.

    Good luck with all the rehabilitation. I know it’s probably the last thing on your mind but documenting all of that kind of thing would be amazing for other bikers in your position.

  19. All the best with the recovery Mike. We’ve met a handful of times in some paddocks and I’ve always thought you to be a top bloke, same for Al and Chris tbh.
    The road won’t be easy for sure, you’ll come out the other side of it though and be one hell of a tough cookie. The hurdles in life define us! What doesn’t break you and all that.

    Be lucky mate. Sending big hugs x

  20. You got this. It’s going to be tuff but I am expecting to see you back soon. From now on I think you will really live. Good luck and keep going!!!!

  21. I can only echo everybody else’s support. Anything is possible, the only limitation is not believing it can happen. Rest well, maybe the bath tub from the latest BBB would have come in handy

  22. That was one hell of post matey, one thing I read from that is you are having positive thoughts. All I can do is send my best wishes for the best recovery in the shortest of time. And i am sure you will treat Kaye as the angel she will be in your time of need .

  23. A lower leg has to be a few KG in weight, so your engineers will be happy with the weight savings.

    Get yourself a carbon fibre prosthetic and you may have a leg up on the competition, pun intended!

    Heal well Boothy, hope to see you on track sooner rather than later.

  24. Boothy concentrate on yourself and your family.We are the lucky ones and on a long road to recovery.Stay strong and positive keep the medication working for you. Best wishes Moffy back in Nobles after 3 weeks In Aintree itu best wishes

  25. Ah mate, head in hands moment reading all that. Keep chugging on and you’ll get there, your epic attitude towards it all will see you through. Best wishes to you mate and your family ✊

  26. Best of luck and strength with this life changing accident. Your strength and positivity is inspiring. All strength and luck for you and your family!

  27. Thankyou for the update Boothy. You’re an absolute hero and I wish you all the best moving forward with your recovery.

  28. My mum is 86. Has a prosthetic limb for over 45 years now, just below the knee. Is doing fine and stops for nothing. You’ll be OK.

  29. Thoughts and prayers are with you boothy.
    It’s heartbreaking to read your injuries but inspiring that you remain positive. With that attitude, you can and will recover well.
    Rest up and talk if you need to.

  30. Nothing that I, or anyone else, can say will make this easier. Just know that you have people that will support you, friends, family, fans, even total strangers on then internet. Talk when you want, how you want, we will be here to listen and if possible help in anyway we can.

    Warm and Fuzzies,

  31. Impeccable response to the situation you’ve been handed, Boothy. Better make sure the two stroke from BBB is running for when you’re out of hospital!

  32. Ahh shit man, my heart goes out to you, wishing you a speedy recovery! (did you keeps the keys to your bike from BBB?)

  33. Boothy that must have been very hard to write but hopefully in a strange way hopefully it helps! the biking world is a special place and one where you are admired buddy! Stay strong and hopefully we will see you soon x Dave

  34. I sincerely hope you get back on you’re foot (hope that’s not too savage), there’s nothing more I like to do when I have some spare time than to watch the BBB and the banter you have and I can’t wait to see you back in fold making content and well. Wishing you and your partner a speedy recovery, all the very best.

  35. Boothy, sorry to hear this, made for very emotional reading to be honest. It’s strange because you don’t know us but we feel we know you through all the content and it’s just good to know you’re with us. Thanks for sharing, you’ll get through this!

  36. We’re with you all the way Boothy, you’ll be back on a bike and terrorising apexes before you know it.

  37. So basically everything is ducked except your ruggedly handsome face? You’ll be just fine then. Your road to recovery is going to be filled with many obstacles, am confident you’ll smash it. Get well soon sir, all the best from Belgium.

  38. Jeez hard to read! Just glad you’re recovering albeit slow and steady. Boothy you have massive support from both the 44 tripe and from the general bike community. Looking forward to having you back soon

  39. I’ve never met you and realistically don’t know you Boothy, but one of the positives of this weird internet thing is that following the exploits of someone who’s so transparent and open really makes you feel like you know them like a mate.

    So reading this, I was incredibly gutted for you and it made the same impact that learning a mate had been badly hurt. Concentrate on you and yours, heal, know there’s a massive community that are all pulling for you.

  40. What a man at this time of his life to still think about replying to “us”. Fuck me Boothy you’re a special one! Wishing you every success in your recovery.

    Love to you, and yours.

  41. Man, I bet you regret selling that Chariot of fire now.
    No, sorry for the horrible joke, wish you all the best and a speedy recovery!

    1. I was thinking that then thought……no that just too insensitive, mind you I bet boothy had already thought it with his sense of humour
      Keep strong boothy.

  42. You have brought all of us 44teeth watchers great joy since you joined the crew Boothy, and I can’t imagine that changing. You’re a strong man, you’ll inspire others, and you have a great life ahead of you. All the best from a long way away. Simon in Australia

  43. so sad to hear about the severity of the injuries, it is easy to say keep positive, just one day, hour, minute, second at a time. My best friend lost both legs in afgan, and has just done his second invictus games. so long term, there are positive, but please, please, make sure you look after you mental health. My love and thoughts are with you all.

  44. Gutted to hear how serious your accident was mate! Hope you’re resting and healing well. Just an idea, how about a Boothy fund raising hoodie or T, to show our support and help him with adaptations round the house/beer fund? Get well soon mate! Matt

  45. Shit a brick, we’re all here for you mate. it might be from behind a computer, but we’re thinking of you and your loved ones.

  46. Wow, well you are stronger than you think and being able to look at the whole situation and be honest with yourself is the best possible way to start and maintain your recovery . I have every faith that you will succeed and I am sure your future wife will cope just fine . How lovely that you have so many people that you haven’t even met sending you messages. Huge respect to you and of course wishing you a smooth ride now through your recovery . Charlotte

  47. I work for a firm that manufacturers metal 3D printers in the UK. If we can be any help in the future pls give us a shout.

  48. Heal well buddy! Life isn’t over and you will recover. As you said you can still do everything with a prosthetic with time. Best wishes with the recovery, Hugh

  49. Wishing you the best of a speedy recovery despite your injuries. Hope to see you soon helping out with the 44 Teeth Team sooner rather than later

  50. We are so sorry to hear you’ve been having a bad time of it since your accident. We sincerely wish you the absolute best and hope you continue to heal well and get back to yourself as soon as possible. Please keep your absolutely bubbly, fun, positive, entertaining bad ass self as chirpy as you can. You’ve got this! We are all behind you (in a strengthening way!) all the very best wishes to you and your family

  51. Boothy, you’ve been in my thoughts a lot since hearing the news of your crash. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through, but I hope beyond everything else, for a speedy recovery for you. Big love. X

  52. Rear brake on a thumb button just like the MotoGP boys for you from now on.
    I have no doubt you will come back strong from this Boothy, we are all behind you.

  53. Boothy, I don’t even know what to say except to wish you a speedy recovery. It sounds like you’ve got a positive mental attitude which is half the battle. All the best and remember – “Tough times never last, only tough people.” x

  54. Wishing you all the very best of luck Boothy! Thinking if you all the way, keep the head up and stay positive. I’ve been there with bad injuries and looking back you will get through it all. Stay strong and hard and take all the help and support thats given to you along the journey!! Everyone that knows you will be on this journey with you…

  55. This had better result in a Budget Bike Battle Golden Chariot v2 in the not too far future! That leg was dodgy af anyway so it sounds like an upgrade! You’re an absolute legend Boothy, make sure you come back to us as soon as you’re feeling ready for it.

  56. Boothy, rest… take your time. You live once and came close my good friend. We’ll still be here in the future. Keeps fighting that good fight.

  57. I spoke to Boothy myself on Instagram and couldn’t believe the extent of the injuries. I’m glad he knows we’re all wishing him well!
    All the best, Boothy!

  58. Hard to process but the main thing is you’re still here.

    And the fact I read your post in your voice means you are ingrained in my, and many peoples psyches

    Heal well, take your time, best if luck to you and your family

    We look forward to seeing your content when you are ready to get back in the saddle.


  59. We’re all here for you man. It’s gonna be a long slog on the road to recovery but you won’t need to go far for help. Even if it’s just for a chat. All the best big man x

  60. Jaysus boothy don’t do things by half do ya? Good luck with the recovery. Loads of support and sounds like you have a great support network around you which is really important.

  61. Sorry to hear that it went that way, thoughts are with you and those close to you.

    I’m believe you will come back strong lad.

  62. Wishing you all the best mate. Can’t wait to see you back on 44teeth talking shite with Fagan and Chris. It just wouldn’t be the sane without you legend.

  63. Boothy. Claire and I have you in our thoughts constantly. There isn’t a day goes by we haven’t wondered how you are getting on. Reading this was seriously difficult although we are so glad you are on the mend. We will always be here for you. Our love to you and Kaye.

  64. Wishing you all the very best and a speedy recovery mate. You’re spot on when you say you have the 44Teeth family behind you ❤️

  65. Absolute warrior. What a man. I wish you all the best mate..your positivity will pull you through this

  66. Boothy you’re an absolute Gentleman and a legend and despite everything still able to compose an amazing email to everyone that appreciates you.Keep up the good fight.

  67. …good to hear your words, really fkn glad your still alive..thank you baby Jesus.. and the Dr’s ,nurses, iom marshals and all involved ..

  68. Much love brother, can’t wait to see you back doing what you love. You’re a tough son of a bitch.

  69. you got this. you will come back strong and live a full and active life, others have done it before you and many will after. God bless you Boothy, you’re gonna be just fine.

  70. Shit news but you’ll be back stronger than ever, I got my ass whipped at Brands GP last time out by a guy with one arm so one leg is nothing! Get well soon Peggy! 😀

  71. Boothy you are a legend, warrior and a hero! Can’t wait to see u back on the channel with Sue P and Al! Rest up mate…..

  72. Sorry to hear your injuries are so serious,. I know that as a racer you will fight with every breath to come through this. Keep fighting the fight.

  73. Bugger Nige..you’ve done a proper job on yourself!!! keep strong, positive mental attitude and day by day goals!!!

  74. Just heard about this. Get well quick, and remember, Douglas Bader flew a Spitfire with no legs, so a bike will be a piece of cake for you when you are recovered.

  75. Big respect to you Boothy and thanks for sharing that update… that must’ve been difficult to write. Wishing you a speedy recovery and all the best for the future.

  76. Writing that statement was a very brave thing to do get well soon ,stay positive and keep your chin up

  77. Wishing you the very best. Those days, living without half a leg is not “that big of a deal”, I know people that do all sort of stuff, definitely more than I do, in this condition even though I could only imagine how hard and painful it is to accept such a thing. You will come back stronger from all of this sh*t and we are here to support you whatever you need. You are a warrior and a inspiration in so many ways, take your time, we will be there waiting for you!

    Love from Italy.

  78. I’m gutted for you mate, but stay positive. That’s the best thing you can do. Some of these prosthetics are really bloomin’ cool. You could start speccing the one you’d like – carbon fibre is a good start 🙂

  79. Best wishes for a speedy and smooth recovery, do as the doc’s say, and fingers crossed you’ll be back to doing the things you love before you know it, all the best.

  80. Absolute legend Boothy! I wish you all the best in your recovery mate! Stay strong, everyone’s with you!

  81. Sad this happened to you Boothy. We only have this one life and sometimes doing cool stuff bad stuff happens.. But fukc it, life lived only by half is no life at all.. so heal, regroup, new plan and then roll the throttle WTFO again..
    Take care Boothy!!!


  82. Oh dear, not the best news, but your character and wit will drag you through the tough times ahead. I firmly do believe that a project build is required by James and the JHS crew, how about a new project called “blow the budget Boothy build”, a new golden chariot. Obviously has to be a 2-stroke, perhaps an RG500 lump?!
    Get well soon legend

  83. You’re a hero Boothy, wishing you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you on YouTube soon.

  84. I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said but, we’re all thinking of you buddy. I miss your contributions to the 44 Teeth videos, you’ve been an excellent addition to the team. Just concentrate on yourself and get well again. JP

  85. Normally i would do a fucking hard joke because that’s what 44 is. But in this case im just with you and your future will be fun because you are such a good guy and you manage it! Greetings from germany !

  86. Get well soon Boothy, a long road ahead for you but you positivity so early on in your recovery is an inspiration to us all

  87. You’re an inspiration Boothy, all the very best to you in your recovery and hope you manage to get free from pains very soon.

  88. Get well soon Boothy, we’re all on your side and hoping for the best for you. Anything us bikers can do to help, whether financially or anything else, I’m sure you’d have a lot of support!!

  89. Get well soon Boothy, nothing is insurmountable in this day and age, all the very best to you and your family. Looking forward to seeing you back with the 44 Teeth lads soon.

  90. Its a tough accident to come back from, much love to you and your family. I hope you have a strong recovery.

  91. Get well soon boothy..keep your head up mate… you will get better hope to see you on 44 teeth in the near future… all our best wishes to you and your family.

  92. All the possible love and prayers to you and your loved ones! Take the time it takes and keep your head up even it will sometimes be difficult!

    You got this brother!

  93. Glad you’re still with us mate! I hope the physical and mental recovery go well, and it’s good you’ve got people around you who care deeply.

  94. Best wishes for the future I know it will be tough but look at racers who complete in bsb ex military they might help

  95. Keep going mate. Great to see your positivity in the face of such adversity, it’s inspiring! Get well soon!

  96. Wishing you all the very best mate – hope the recovery, as long as it may be, will have you back living life to the full. Keep positive and remember we are all rooting for you !

  97. I am so sorry Boothy. Hang in there.Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us, your fans. Much love and support from the US.

  98. You’ve plenty of grit and determination to get you through it, Boothy lad. Love how you’re already thinking about all the things you can do in future! Wishing you well…

  99. Glad to hear that you are on the mend, hopefully you heal up as well as possible and you can get back up and about even with a springy leg thing, there are plenty of people for support for you going forward. Hope to see you on 44teeth soon.

  100. Get better soon little buddy. I am hopeful this will be a small setback in an otherwise full and happy life.

  101. Amazing attitude to write this at such an early stage in your recovery. Hats off, crashed at the TT big style and still here talking about it, that’s a win in my book.

  102. Keep the faith pal. I’ll keep subbed to the channel and put up with those other two nobbers until you get back.

  103. Thank you for the update.
    I can tell you that you have brought so much fun to the 44t brand.
    Stay strong big man.

    I wish you a fast recovery.
    Take care and we are all behind you.

  104. Boothy, shocked to read this but also really impressed with your amazing positivity. You will be back and this will make you stronger than ever.

  105. Boothy man .. they’ll be no excuse you’ll be lighter so faster..seriously heal well come out fighting ✊️

  106. Please give us an updated on 44 on Baron channel. And get well soon. It’s not the end of the world as you know.

  107. I’m quite certain that the road will be very bumpy, but you clearly already have the attitude to get you through this. I recently got a cancer diagnosis and now have some internal bits of me missing. One of my first thoughts was can I still get the leathers on with a colostomy bag. If it helps, what I have learnt is to dream about the future, but live day by day. Don’t get ahead of yourself. I wish you all the success in both your recovery and achieving those long terms goals. Bike racers are special.. you’ll get there.

  108. You’re summet special Boothy lad!! You’ll be up and about in no time, making everyone smile!!

  109. Boothy, really pleased at the positive tone. The only way to be in the face of these difficulties! Wish you and ur family strength for the undoubted challenges ahead.
    Tough times never last, but tough people do.

  110. You’ll get through it.
    You’re young
    You’re fit
    You’re a Northerner
    You’ve got a massive amount of support
    You can and will be back on a bike if you want to be
    Shout out if you need anything
    We love you man x

  111. Glad to know that you’re bearing up and at least seem to be very positive. Whatever happens, as you say, losing part of a leg is something that you can live with these days. Small steps and you’ll get there Boothy

  112. Is there a just giving page or something where we can contribute?
    All the best with the recovery

  113. Oh man, I was reading your post and when i got to the paragraph about your leg my heart sank. I can’t imagine the pain and hurt you are going through, i wish you a heartfelt recovery and hope to see you back on 44 teeth soon, i love all the guys at 44 teeth, Philip Holland x

  114. I was thinking of something inspiring or moving to try and write but nothing will come close, and being Northern I didn’t want to appear too soft, so, keep your head held high mate, keep pushing forward, no matter what. So many people are here in all different capacities to help you. Keep those spirits up, tha’s made a strong stuff tha no’s. Hope the road to recovery is a smooth one for you. All the best, a lad from Donny.

  115. Wishing you all the best Boothy, you can and will get through this! Everyone is cheering you on! Hope to see you back on the videos some day

  116. Hi Boothy. I’m not a biker, but just read about your accident. I lost my right leg below knee at 14 due to a bone deflect after numerous operations, I’m now 63 and just retired from life long full time work. At 21 I swam for GB in the Paralympic. It will be a hard few months ahead but once you receive your artificial leg. You will be good and able to walk with no problems at all. All the best Steve Rathbone

  117. That’s a courageous statement from a courageous, super passionate racer…. Keep strong and positive for your next chapter. Looking forward to seeing you back with the 44Teeth crew in the not too distant future….. they need all the help they can get 😉 All the best Adrian

  118. I hope you make a speedy full recovery and back racing asap. I become a fan of yours and you were the one fella I was cheering on & looking out for at this years TT, and if anyone can come back from this to race there again it’ll be you. Top bloke.

  119. All the best mate on the back issue, with the leg problems I hope that goes well and not an issue to add to it. Having broken my back on a bike I send you some of the luck I missed!

    There is always someone worse off and it could have been worse, now you have to keep fighting. Which you will. Best to you and your future missus, it is hard on them…

  120. Sending my love to you, saw you on practise week for my first tt experience, and the things you guys do on those machines is the most exhilarating thing ive every seen. Hope you have speedy and painfree recovery and cant wait to see you back on a bike.

  121. Hey Boothy- thinking of you over here in Canada mate. Keep strong! The entire 44teeth community is behind you ❤️

  122. Boothy, big respect for doing that TT firstly. And can I say, what a top bloke and legend you are. And I’m sure you’ll be out and about soon enough.

  123. Get well soon Boothy. Most importantly dont let this get you down or break you, keep up the absolutely amazing additude and spirit you have, it is contageous.
    Take your time to recover and keep your head up high.
    I bet you have been already horrendous to live with, so all good there.
    Bes wishes from Finland.

  124. The man loses a leg and prays he won’t be much of an asspain to his missus upon his return home. You’re a legend mate. An inspiration.

  125. Sending you all the best Boothy and life will go on and you will come back stronger than ever fella, take your time and take it easy dude,

  126. Seriously difficult to read but your young and a fighter. Hope the recovery goes well and you get well soon

  127. I lost my right arm and lung in 1999 in a road accident on my motorcycle. It takes time and there will be plenty of challenges; But you do get used to it and you will overcome. If there’s one thing I know, is that passionate motorcyclists will always find a way. Here’s the one-armed track bike I’m making…

  128. My husband and I send our well wishes to you Boothy. Thank you for taking the time to write an update for us all. Keep getting better! You got this

  129. So great to hear an update from you Mike. Have been wishing you well and wondering how you’re getting every day. Hope to see your cheeky mug on the screen again soon.

  130. Its good to know at least 2/3’s of you is on the mend. Me and the family been thinking of you. Your right one leg doesn’t have to stop you. My mate Justin lost his leg in the 00’s and is quicker than most on track!

  131. Stay as positive as ever Boothy you are a true legend small steps my friend before you can run. Best wishes mate.

  132. Well that was tough to read, but you’ll overcome it, you always do! Looking forward to your next appearance with Statham and Sue

  133. My best wishes for your recovery Boothy. Enduring and working through this period of recovery will be tough, but then you’ll start a new, slightly different phase of your life. With your sense of humour and positive outlook on life, I’m sure you’ll fully adapt and push yourself to new highs! Look forward to your next brilliant review on 44Teeth – as we know, only boring GS riders care about testers talking about rear brake feel anyway! Take care and get well soon.

  134. Gee that is one shocking story. I’m so sorry for you and the missus. If there is a go fund me page for you can someone post the link

  135. Hey Boothy, I remember when you joined 44teeth, was a great episode and you really brought something good to the team, and still have to bring plenty. Rear braking with your thumb and good to go!. Really glad you’re ok buddy. Thanks for updating us, all the best.

  136. So sorry to hear this news, but I’m inspired by your attitude to it. Sounds like you have the strength to take this on. Wishing you all the best for your recovery.

  137. I’m sure you’ll find the determination you’ll need to get through this. We all just wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you again soon.

  138. Boothy wishing a amazing recovery mate I live near the amazing things they have done to limb loss and the lads and lasses succomed to injuries stay strong wishing you the best

  139. Well Done Boothy, very well put together email, may I wish you all tge very best in the future, stay strong.

  140. Hi Boothy, wishing you a great recovery and keep smiling, this is something I think you are young enough and driven enough to overcome. Although you might feel devastated at the moment, it happened to many, many soldiers serving on active service and their stories are filled with hope over adversity and they are mostly able to lead normal lives. I dearly hope you get back to what you do best, making people laugh and showing that life is there to be enjoyed. Good luck mate !

  141. Boothy, I wish you all the best! We already miss you, but for sure, recovery is the most important thing. I think you are a gonna be a big motivator for other racers. Think of the future, get trough it, Suffer when needed, but keep your shin up. I know what it’s like….in a smaller way,

  142. Such courage and dignity. As your writings, reviews and videos…true grit and passion. Your an inspiration Boothy. ❤️

  143. All the best to you! Best wishes for your recovery. I know it will be a long hard recovery but know that you ave the whole TT world behind you.

  144. All the best to you boothy without dark days in life do you really appreciate the light ones

    Take care sir

  145. Very sorry to hear you are going through all this and thank you for the update. You have been in mine and my brother’s thoughts since we heard about the crash. You are made of strong stuff. We wish you well during your recovery and look forward to seeing you back on Youtube.

  146. I can’t imagine what you are going through. My thoughts are with you. Stay strong and good luck with the rest of your recovery. Super brave statement.

  147. I had no idea this had happened, I’m glad to hear your still with us dude, I wish you all the best in your recovery mate and hope everything is on the up from here x

  148. Hey Boothy,
    I wish you a good recovery and I can not imagine, what kinda burden this situation is for you. But you can do it. I and many other people believe in it. Seeing you back at one point is going to be a really really happy day for me.
    See you

  149. Best wishes Boothy. OK it won’t happen over night but I am pretty sure your be back having the craic with the lads as soon as you can

  150. Massive love boothy mate. Concentrate on feeling better, we’ll all be here when you’re match fit again. On the upside, a carbon leg must be worth at least 2 seconds round Cartagena!

  151. Get well soon mate , all the best with recovery and I’m sure it will be incredible when you get yourself on a bike again !

  152. Boothy, Stay strong and don’t lose faith easily said I know but you will come out the other side stronger than before.
    All the best.

  153. From what I’ve seen of you Boothy you don’t do things by halves. Being injured doesn’t change who you are mate. Just takes you down a different path in life. Don’t ever lose your passion. You have so many friends to give you a hand along the journey but I’m pretty sure you won’t take long to find your way. Speedy recovery.

  154. Hi Boothy, Even though there will be tough days you will get better and you will get back to doing what you love. There is an army of people including me that support you in your recovery. When the times right please set up a way for us to financial take some pressure off. Best wishes and if you need help with anything let us know.

  155. From across the pond but not a treasonous yank, I wish you well Boothy, heal up, work that rehab, do the work and the results will come. Invest in yourself. Get well and heal up.

  156. Keep that fighting spirit Boothy! You are a legend and you’ve put so many smiles on my face when I’ve needed it. Take care champion.

  157. You’re a champ Boothy. You’ve got a shit ton of support behind you, and we all wish you well. A rough road to recovery, but you’ve gone through some bad ones before, and I know you’ll come out the other side on this one. All the best my internet friend. Hugs.

  158. Boothy, I can only wish you a speedy recovery and to let you know I am thinking the best possible thoughts for you during this difficult time. All the best.

  159. We fucking love you Boothy!!! Seriously!

    You’re a living legend and I doubt you realise how inspiring you really are mate.

    Can’t put it into words. Love ya,

  160. Get well soon Boothy. Been thinking how you’ve been going since I heard. Come back stronger, but most of all, keep the chin up you funny bugger! Much love from Australia.

  161. Iam lost for words boothy. Like so many of us I didn’t realize how severe your injury’s are. As an avid 44 teeth fan I don’t miss much but nothing was said till now and I understand after reading your piece.
    I wish you all the luck and love there is as you recover mate and look forward to seeing on the tiube again.
    Uncle jules expat living British Columbia Canada.

  162. Wishing you more good days in your recovery journey. Look forward to seeing you back on 44 Teeth when you’re ready.

  163. As many have said, take it one day at a time. You will be back singing into the Gopro for all of us to enjoy. Atlanta, USA

  164. Speedy recovery mate and very best wishes …….hope the treatment goes as well as can be…..hoping to see you back on the channel when your ready….take care…..from Dave in Sydney

  165. Really sorry to hear that you’re going through this physically and mentally painful time Boothy. Heal well and come back fighting mate.

  166. Get well, it’ll be ok in the long run . Give your wife a hug. We’re all thinking of you mate from your friends in Australia

  167. Thanks for the update. Stay any get well soon mate. You had us crying laughing when you were in London on that 3 wheeler, and I’m sure you will again. All the best!

  168. Hi Boothy, I’m not a biker, but just read about your accident. I lost my right leg below knee at 14 due to a bone deflect after numerous operations. I’m now 63 and just retired from life long full time work, At 21 I swam for GB in the paralympics, It will be a hard few months ahead but once you recieve yor artifical leg you will be good and able to walk with no problems at all, All the best Steve

  169. Mate, I really feel for you, Although my injuries are nowhere near as severe as yours my wife and I are also recovering from quite a spectacular crash. Wishing you all the best for your recovery and if your spirits are as strong as ours then “You’ve got this!”

    All the best,
    Emma and Carlos

  170. Boothy, you’re an absolute legend in my eyes and you’ve done so much. I’m sure you’ll find a way to be back on a bike once you’ve fully recovered. For now as you said, rest up and get well soon. I’m sure everyone will agree, we love you and sending all the love we can your way.

  171. You are a legend, and the whole racing community and 44teeth crowd is pulling for you. You’ll be back moving and shaking and getting into trouble sooner than you think. We are here for you.

  172. Missing part of a leg? Surly that now means you can cosplay has the kid from “how to train your dragon!” In all honesty, it will indeed be a big adjustment to get used to but never forget how we all are rooting for you!

  173. Huge respect to you! You are hard as nails. Keep resting and recovering, the world is still turning and your an absolute survivor. All the best and get well soon boothy…. the best looking presenter on 44t! Liam.

  174. In a year you will not miss it! You will see! You have to look around the world and see you are a lucky to have so much other things and you will so happy or more! A big hug from Portugal!

  175. Glad you are okay Boothy, thanks for the update, we’ve all been hoping for the best for you but I must admit your injuries sound horrendous, times like these you appreciate the emergency services, nurses, doctors and surgeons. Keep going, it will be a challenge to overcome but you will do it and it will make you stronger. Riding Motorcycles is a way of life and we accept the risks involved, get well soon, we need you back to the 44 teeth team!

  176. Good luck buddy, my m8 lost his right lower leg about 30 years ago, he went to a very dark place, his grandad bought him a book to read, reach for the sky, he is still riding bikes and track days, he’s said the book was one of his greatest inspirations, keep your chin up and plough forward

  177. Get well soon and stay strong i and many more believe you can recover and be back doing what you love.

  178. All the best with the recovery, I was at the TT for the 1st time, you guys are different gravy doing what you do. Look forward to your continued contributions to the 44 teeth show down the track.

  179. Morphine is your friend
    Definitely some challenging times for you right now. Was considering a bit of help for your racing but it will have to wait a little bit.
    All the best from the the tropical french island called la Réunion where I live.

  180. I think that if you have balls big enough to get on a supersport around the TT you are the kind of bloke with the determination to get through the next 12 months. There are lot of people out here rooting for you and who are there to offer support if you need it. Make the most of the free drugs and I hope to see you back on your foot soon.

  181. What a positive outlook you have. You’ll come through all this with sheer determination and the love of your family. Best wishes from Northern Ireland.

  182. Wow , you have definitely been through the mill you have a fantastic out look on your furniture hope everything goes well

  183. Boothy….. You’ll beat this pal. And no doubt you’ll still be a fuck load quicker than me on a bike once you have rested and recovered. Keep your chin up, you have lot of people out there that care for you and wish you all the best.

  184. Fuck me Boothy, you don’t do it by half!!! In all seriousness, I wish you all the best in the world with your recovery. We can have no idea what’s going through your mind atm, Im sure there will be dark days, but there is light at the end. Keep fighting, never forget there are people that love you no matter how bad you feel.

    I’m certain as soon as your ready Grumble and Fagan will have you on a bike again. It’s a new dawn for Mike Booth!!!

  185. get well soon, I’m hoping your reading all the comments, and taking the positivity from all the wonderful people in the world…. To go along side that we all need a good smile … So it’s times like this I get out my joke book … So here we go. 2 fish in a tank … And one says to the other….. How do you drive this thing….

    Pb x

  186. If anyone can overcome and make this into a positive, it’s you! Take plenty of time to digest, accept and overcome the situation. We’re all looking forward to seeing you again back on the telebox. Big love and healing vibes.

  187. Boothy, big love and keep fighting, I know that a warrior like yourself will be able to turn things around and make the best of it, and on the way inspire a lot of people. Hugs from Portugal!

  188. When Boothy joined the 44 teeth team I was wondering who this lad was?….seemed like a nice fella but wasn’t sure how he’d work with the other 2 donkeys….I needn’t have worried, your a gas man Boothy, was very sad when I read about your crash and injuries…get well and mind yourself. (They could have cut off something else, you know that thing you’ll need on the wedding night). Get well lad.

  189. You and the rest of the bikers are daredevils and I respect your temerity. I hope you heal fast and find a new passion equal or greater than the past one.

  190. Much love Boothby, I’ve enjoyed all your exploits with 44 teeth, and it’s never over until you give up, which from your heartfelt message I can see you’re not doing. You’re a brilliant guy and a fighter, sorry to hear of you injuries, but the man, the legend, lives on, keep strong. So many people care about you. ️

  191. Well, thats an absolute shocker Mike, I was looking forward to your IOM coverage with huge anticipation because you are great to watch. The loss of a leg does not change that. Hope the pain of it all fucks off asap. Get well soon.

  192. Good look, you are so strong,you can with all, sure.
    Regards for all your family.
    Sincerely, Domènec from Barcelona

  193. Get well and thank you for entertaining us and your words will be an encouragement for others who find themselves in a similar situation as you.

  194. God bless you and bikers and others worldwide have you in our prayers and so glad you’ve survived the hardest ordeal in life. Now things are on the up and the pain will decrease as you heal. Big love and best wishes from myself and so many others .

  195. Jesus, so sorry to hear this! All the best with the recovery, I’m sure it will be a long road but you’ve got everyone behind you!

  196. You are a top bloke Boothy.

    I had a bad accident in 2012 and fortunately my leg was saved. The doctors saying if it gets much worse we will have to amputate was the worst thing 26 year old me could hear. So I am sure your mental turmoil is peaking right now. But know your will pull through and flourish.

    gladly have a chat if you ever need one, you aint alone in this.

  197. Big love to you Boothy, We are all by your side. Please remember this on your new journey and we look forward to following your exploits, whatever they may be, in the future.

  198. losing a leg doesn’t have to be that big of a deal, if you don’t want it to be

    Legend, warrior, inspiration!

    Thinking of you and sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you on our screens when your up to it.

  199. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery. It’s always a shock reading about motorcycle incidents and is a reminder of what could happen, but when its in your blood you just have to dust yourself down and get going again. I’m sure, if you still want to, you’ll be back in the saddle before you know it. Love the 44teeth channel and hope everyone involved in it, the very best and to keep those spirits up!

  200. Boothy,

    All of your fellow riders across the pond are pulling for you brother!! Your riding vids are legendary (fuck, fuck, oh fuck…..), and I can’t wait until you’re back on two wheels ringing the neck of a machine I’ll never throw a leg over……with the occasional “fuck” thrown in for good measure. You’ve got this!!! Stay strong!!

  201. Shitty stick Boothy! we’re all here sending positive vibes, take your time, we will all be here waiting for you on your return.
    Annoyingly you can’t save on socks as you have to buy them in pairs! God damn evil sock making conglomerates, coming here with your two socks!!
    Take care Mr B xxx

  202. So sad to hear. Hope your recovery is as speedy as possible. You may have lost your leg but you’ll never lose your amazing character and your brilliant sense of humor. Get well soon.

  203. It’s great to read something from Boothy again, he’s been sorely missed. Wishing him and his family the absolute best in the days, weeks and months ahead.

  204. You hang in there! You Will be back better than ever when this hard time is over Keep up the good spiritis and get well!

  205. Those are the bravest and most humbling words I have read in a long time. We are all remote from the reality of these situations, and only get to hear of it when it’s brought to our attention. If you can speak out like that after all you’ve been through in isolation and solitude, then you have taken giant strides. We have never met to my knowledge, but if ever we do, I will be proud to shake your hand. Good luck with recovery, but you are going to be fine in the long term. God Bless xx

  206. My wife was in tears reading that boothy. Wishing you all the best with your recovery. Remember that nothing lasts forever and you will have better days. I’m sure a few of us would like to help you out with a little fundraiser so you have one less thing to worry about. Take care and be kind to yourself.

  207. Reading those words reminded me of something Chris said in a News video a couple months back – Boothy would win a theoretical 44Teeth crew fight, because he “WILL NOT GIVE UP.” Fuckin’ right!

    Those docs don’t know who they’re dealing with!

  208. As you said Boothy! its hard to explain something when you havent got your head around it yourself.
    I can only wish you a speedy and successful recovery.
    Im sure AL and Chris want you back behind a mike asap as you are a 3rd and the perfect partner to those 2 other dafties of 44TEETH.

    When were having a shit day, we all reach for the ipad and load an episode of 44 TEETH, youve no idea how you help all your fans daily.


    All the best in recovery mate and i cant wait to see how you will! inspire us all in the future.


  209. sending you my best wishes boothy stay strong, the whole motorcycling fraternity are all behind you!!

  210. Hey man, keep your head up and as so many others have said, know we’re all behind you. But….you’ve got this.

  211. My heart goes out to you Boothy! I hope you have as quick and comfortable a recovery as possible! I’m sure the whole 44teeth community of followers are thinking of you and wishing you well! When you’re ready, I’m sure we’ll all be excited to see you back in front of the camera delivering content in whatever capacity you feel comfortable. You can get through this! We believe in you.

  212. You are as they say a top guy. You have a tenacity – which will help but most importantly a sense of humour and that will get you through. Wishing you as swift a recovery as possible, you are the Mick Doohan of 44 teeth.

  213. Chris / Al
    is there anything set up for donations / financial help for Boothy and his family while he is on the mend and not earning?
    If there is?
    please send me details and i would happily donate.


  214. So sorry Boothy to hear about how you’re doing but on the other hand if someone’s going to overcome this dreadful crash, your the fella. I wish you a speedy recovery, just hang in there.

  215. Wow watching Al yesterday I couldn’t believe what i was hearing i was so shocked and upset i I couldn’t process the situation, when we watch and enjoy 44 Teeth videos its as we know you guys personally which makes it worse.
    Boothy keep strong keep Positive and keep that lovely sense of Humour we are all with you, and we look forward to your return when you are ready Bikers Rule

  216. Really shocked to watch/read this. You got balls and character and i am confident you can get back up. Please quit the racing and make sure we can all laugh at the funny 44teeth video’s again!

  217. You will be back stronger than ever in no time! It will be a journey but think about all the pub stories you’ll have in reserve! You have all the 44 Teethers behind you mate. All waiting to help in any small or large way they can. Take care and keep fighting.

  218. Ah Boothy I was so shocked and saddened when I heard the news about your crash. You are a Legend mate and bring a smile to many a face with a great attitude and sense of humor. Stay positive, with the support of those close to you and your 44teeth family you will bounce back soon. Sending you healing vibes from OZ. take care champ.

  219. Oh Man I was totally gutted finding out what happened to you! I still am! The thing is…it could happen to any of us, and we all know this however, we carry on because we’re literally all a bit mad. I’m so glad things were not more serious, although serious enough. I survived a few in my days and I know that recovery is long, but worth it! I’d like to pass that on to you, because your life goes on forwards, and you will get over this period and you’ll laugh again friend. Yes, you will!

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