2022 Ducati Scrambler Tribute Pro and Urban Motard

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Ducati Scrambler

Just in case anyone feels as though there aren’t enough Ducati Scrambler models in the world, two new versions have just been revealed, and are due to hit showrooms in November this year (2021). They are the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute Pro and the Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard. Rather a mouthful, I know. The 1100 joins the existing 1100 Dark PRO and Sport PRO models, and the Urban Motard joins the rest of the 800s; so that’s the Icon, Icon Dark, Nightshift and Desert Sled.

Tribby Pro

The Tribute Pro is one of the newest Ducati twins, but it’s been designed to pay tribute to the oldest. It’s fifty years since Ducati started using air-cooled, twin-cylinder engines, so they’ve released this to celebrate. They’ve tried to shoehorn as many 70’s style elements into the design as they can, like the round mirrors and brown seat, but for me it’s the retro Ducati logo that does it.

Putting aesthetics to one side, it’s really just a Ducati Scrambler 1100 PRO. It’s got the 1,079cc engine, the 86bhp, the 90Nm of torque and the same chassis as the other 1100s. Which is no bad thing. And of course you get your three riding modes and all the standard Ducati electronics like cornering ABS and DTC (Ducati Traction Control).

Urban ‘Tard

Ducati Scrambler

If celebrating the 70s isn’t your thing, you won’t be alone. But that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a new Ducati Scrambler, oh no. Because the new Urban Motard doesn’t seem to care too much about any of that nostalgia, either. Alright, it’s still a little bit modern classic, but it’s style is a little bit more contemporary. The ‘Star White Silk and Ducati GP’19 Red’ graphics have, apparently, been inspired by the world of street art and metropolitan graffiti, so if you’re a fan of Banksy, you’re going to love the Urban ‘Tard.

Although I’m a big fan of the flat seat, the side number plates and the high mudguard (it gives it a proper retro super-motard look), I’m not struck on the paintwork. But I suppose that’s just a question of taste.

The small Ducati Scrambler models have an 803cc L-twin, Desmodromic engine with 73bhp and 66Nm of torque, but are available in an A2 friendly 35Kw version, in case you only have an A2 license.*

Both new Ducati Scrambler models come with a USB charging point under the seat and, for a bit of extra dollar, Ducati’s Multimedia System, so you can connect your smartphone and stuff.

The 1100 Tribute Pro will cost £11,995 and the little Urban Motard will set you back £10,395… or at least that’s the starting point. There are of course a ton of optional extras for both, that you can peruse at your leisure. If I had one of these bad boys though, I think I’d leave it as it comes.


*The 1100s are also available in a detuned, A2 license friendly state…

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