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How do you fancy a six cylinder, 1600cc Bavarian bullet to bomb around on? Since 2010, anyone that wants to, has been able to, thanks to BMW and their bonkers K 1600. The K 1600 GT, GTL, B and Grand America have all been given some saucy updates, in a bid to appeal to you, yes you. If you’re ready to give up getting your knee down, pulling wheelies and winning trackdays, but you want to grow up without slowing down, you’d probably look really, really good on a BMW K 1600.

There is a slight issue associated with K 1600 ownership though, and that’s the price. But we’ll get to that in a moment. Before we get to that, let me tell you what’s so great about the K 1600 range.

First of all, there is a K 1600 for every occasion… well, a few different occasions anyway. First of all, the K 1600 GT is dynamic and agile and ready for anything. That’s to say, it’s as dynamic and agile as anything can be at 343kg. So probably not actually that agile and dynamic at all then.

And then you’ve got the GTL, which might be 15kg heavier, but at least it’s comfier.


The K 1600 B is the bagger of the bunch and oozes ‘The spirit of the open road’, and the Grand America is a lot like the ‘B’, but with a few extra frilly bits.

And if that whets your shizzle, you’ll be thrilled to know all of the K 16 models have got a new, Euro5 compliant engine. Thank god for that! They make 160hp, which is the same as the old models, but they now make it 1,000rpm earlier (at 6,750). You do get an extra 5Nm though, taking the torque figure to 180Nm. Powerhouse.

All the models also get a new electronic suspension system, the BMW Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment). It’s a ‘next generation’ system that improves safety, performance and comfort, according to the Germans. Can’t really argue with that.

You get LED lights, a massive 10.25 inch TFT dash and a new stereo on the GTL and Grand America. The Audio System 2.0 on the GTL and Grand America (you can also have it as an extra on the GT and B) provides an even more intensive sound experience.

Midnight camouflage

All three models are available in three colour options, including the Option 719 ‘Midnight’ getup, which is presumably to make you a little bit more difficult to see, should you decide to go for a ride at night time.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, there are a smorgasbord of reasons to buy yourself a 2022 K 1600. The problem, as I mentioned earlier, is the price. Not one of the K 1600 models is the right side of £20k. They go from the cheapest, which is the Bagger at £20,215 to the dearest, the Grand America at £24,410.

So if you are thinking of a way to spend that tax free pension lump sum you’re about to withdraw, or you’ve got cash left over after downsizing into a retirement property, why not get yourself down to a BMW retailer, and try a K 1600 out for size.


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  1. You got that about right. I’ve got a k12s with a 103k miles that I can’t wear out and a k13s motorsport I bought to replace it . I keep looking at the k16 but that very large £ sign keeps putting me off even though I still have some of that tax free lump left. Oh and the 343 kg. Which takes me back to the ktm dealer…. (I’m building a bigger shed)

    1. N+1 Martin

      (where ideal number of bikes is always current number, N +1)

      A KTM has to at least be considered if you don’t already have one?

  2. I hired a K1600GT to tour Cornwall with the Mrs on the back.
    Found it to be an awesome bit of kit, if a little cumbersome at slow filtering speed on the A303 passed Stonehenge, especially full tank, full panniers and optional top box with the Mrs on back, probably closer to 1/2 ton.
    Once above 10mph though, it is transformed into an absolute beaut of a machine with enough power to embarrass sportier rides.
    But i’ll still keep the S1000rr in the garage as I doubt the big girl will keep me satisfied on trackdays, or having the talent to push it that far.
    Now to the point.
    Is the newer model so much different than the 2015+ 2nd gen. As I can pick up a low mileage 2017 with lots of extras for considerably less than this Gen 3?

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