2021 Aprilia Tuono 660
When word got out about the RS 660, we were all pretty gosh darn excited. We rode the RS last year and, despite not being able to firmly place it in a particular motorcycle genre, were pretty impressed with its peachy little engine, the way it handled and its space-age tech. That said, the...
2021 Ducati Monster

When you’ve sold as many Monsters as Ducati have – more than 350,000 – you know you’re onto a winner. But whilst the Monster 1200 always seemed to be exactly what it said on the tin (a Monster), its smaller sibling, the Monster 900 never seemed quite as monstrous as I’d have liked….

2021 BMW S 1000 R

BMW has finally given the S 1000 R a long-overdue update; it’s 5.1kg lighter, it’s got a new chassis and yes, before you ask, it does include the newer spec S 1000 RR based engine… sort of. Ok, it’s not in the same 200bhp+ state of tune and you don’t get shifting cams, but essentially, it’s…

Electric motorcycles; is this the future?
I can remember standing at the start line of the 2011 IOM TT waiting for the start of the inaugural TT Zero race. It was the first ever TT for electric motorcycles. Although, I use the term ‘motorcycles’ loosely. You should have seen them; there were one or two... Read more
Happy Birthday Grandad Valentino (Rossi)
Today, on the 16th February 2021, nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi celebrates his 42nd birthday. For the last 20 years, he’s been ‘Mr MotoGP’, winning titles in the 125cc, 250cc, 500cc and MotoGP category. Many men have come to try and best The Doctor. Very few have succeeded. But... Read more
Motorcycle Safety: bikes aren’t dangerous.
How many times have you heard someone refer to a motorcycle as a death-trap? They’ve seen a couple of headlines about motorcycle safety, citing the odd crash, and persuaded themselves that bikes are a bad thing. Far too dangerous. Well, that’s simply not true. Sure, you can hurt yourself... Read more
Top 5: Ways to improve your bike for free
Nobody likes riding round on a complete bag of poo. But with the price of beer going through the roof and everything but our wages following suit, sometimes an old turd is all we can afford. But that doesn’t mean it needs to feel like an old turd. All... Read more
Docs say Marc Marquez is on the mend
The latest press release from the HRC Repsol Honda MotoGP team makes for positive reading for any Marc Marquez fans. After a crash at the first round of 2020, the Spanish sensation had operation after operation to fix his poorly arm. One setback after the next though meant he... Read more
Husqvarna launches electric balance bikes
A ‘balance bike’ if you’re wondering, tends to be one of those little two wheeled wooden things that you see kids whizzing around Butlin’s on. They don’t have pedals or anywhere to put your feet, so they’re a great way to ruin a new pair of shoes. Until now.... Read more
Stunning MV Agusta Brutale and Dragster 800 triples unveiled
MV have just unveiled the new MV Agusta Dragster and Brutale models and it’s given all of us a massive Casey Stoner. I mean, just look at them. That Dragster RR SCS RC. Offfffft. The Dragster range is made up of the aforementioned RR SCS RS, the RR SCS,... Read more
Why do GP bikes look so different these days?
As Fagan quite rightly noted, Twitter went into a mini-meltdown the other day when Ducati unveiled their 2021 MotoGP weapon. Some people were really quite keen on it’s new, futuristic design. Others weren’t. In the couple of hours after its reveal, the 2021 Desmosedici suffered even more body-shaming than... Read more
Dream Garage. How I’d spend £100k… if I had it
Let’s face it, I’m never going to have that sort of money to my name. That’s because as soon as I’ve saved enough cash to buy another bike, that’s exactly what I do. At present, my measly bank balance demands a one-in-one-out policy as far as motorcycle procurement goes,... Read more
The world’s sexiest motorcycle
Following Ducati’s recent unveiling of Jack and Pecco’s 2021 Desmosedicis, and a subsequent twitter marathon, there was only one thing for it; a lesson in how a racing motorcycle should look. Personally, I appreciate prototypes for what they are – function over fashion – and styled to please the... Read more
Capital punishment for bike thieves
Have you ever had a bike nicked? I have, so I know from experience that it’s one of the worst feelings in the world. The feeling in the pit of your stomach when you discover your bike’s missing is 10 times worse than the biggest kick in the ‘nads.... Read more
Video: The Lockdown Show #4
What’s that? It’s Monday? That must mean another half hour of two twats in wigs and a bloke with a suspicious semi hanging out near a crack den. That’s right, ladies and gents, it’s the Lockdown Show, and we’re a whole month into this new ’thing.’  I was chatting... Read more