2021 Aprilia Tuono 660
When word got out about the RS 660, we were all pretty gosh darn excited. We rode the RS last year and, despite not being able to firmly place it in a particular motorcycle genre, were pretty impressed with its peachy little engine, the way it handled and its space-age tech. That said, the...
2021 Ducati Monster

When you’ve sold as many Monsters as Ducati have – more than 350,000 – you know you’re onto a winner. But whilst the Monster 1200 always seemed to be exactly what it said on the tin (a Monster), its smaller sibling, the Monster 900 never seemed quite as monstrous as I’d have liked….

2021 BMW S 1000 R

BMW has finally given the S 1000 R a long-overdue update; it’s 5.1kg lighter, it’s got a new chassis and yes, before you ask, it does include the newer spec S 1000 RR based engine… sort of. Ok, it’s not in the same 200bhp+ state of tune and you don’t get shifting cams, but essentially, it’s…

The Ultimate Bike Simulator?
When the tracks are closed but you’re gagging to twist the noise tube, there’s only one thing for it. Well, there are several options, but most of them involve flouting the rules/breaking the law/driving to Spain, so you need a bike simulator to prevent a fine from Boris. As... Read more
The evolution of Supersport 600 racing
From grass-roots club racing, to World Championship level, Supersport racing has, for as long as plenty of us can remember, been home to some of the closest, most exciting racing going. Since 1989 the ‘axe-murderers’ have entertained BSB crowds with the thrills, spills and fairing bashing antics of characters... Read more
New Norton Factory
You can’t accuse the TVS Motor Company of going about things half cocked, as far as their acquisition of The Norton Motorcycle Co Ltd goes. After buying the 122-year-old bike brand for £16 million last April, it’s just been announced that TVS are about to open a new Norton... Read more
Win a brand-new RST V4.1 airbag suit!
Welcome back to another Monday Night Show, or Lockdown Show. Or whatever else we’re going to call the bloody thing. This exciting new format – which has never been attempted previously, nor have we based it on any daytime television show – was conjured up to help ease the... Read more
All you need to know about the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S
You wait all this time for a bike with radar, then two come along at once. Yep, that’s right, like the new Multistrada V4, the new KTM 1290 Super Adventure S comes with Adaptive Cruise Control, but that’s not all it comes with. Thanks to some meaningful upgrades to... Read more
All you need to know about the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS
Although rumours of a new Speed Triple have been doing the rounds for a little while, we weren’t really sure what to expect. Were the rumours of a new model even true? Triumph were keeping their cards really close to their chest with this one, but today it’s been... Read more
Why are bike chases in films so ridiculous?
How many times have you sat down with the family to watch the latest big-budget Hollywood blockbuster on a Saturday night, desperate for your fix of choreographed violence, laughably unlikely plotlines, frustratingly child-friendly sex scenes and grossly exaggerated pyrotechnic displays? We’ve got a lot to thank the likes of... Read more
Au revoir foreign speeding fines
Brexit might have divided the country like nothing else, but here’s a bit of Brexity news that’ll put a smile on the faces of all you law breakers out there. It looks as though many of the European Union states might be forced to ram their foreign speeding fines... Read more
How much does it really cost to go bike racing?
Two-thirds of the 44Teeth posse (Fagan and me, Boothy) cut our teeth racing bikes. It’s all we’ve wanted to do since we were kids and we’ve been lucky enough to have a good go at it. We’ve raced in all different disciplines over the years, at different levels –... Read more
Oh, you don’t like wheelies?
Believe it or not, there are some people out there that think wheelies aren’t cool. They see them as pointless, dangerous and nothing but a futile attempt to show off. I’d bet my house though, that none of the weapons that hold this viewpoint have ever successfully performed a... Read more
Flat-out for 24 hours: Racing at Le Mans
When David Railton, boss of the British Endurance Racing Team, gave me a call to ask if I’d step in as their third rider for the 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans race, my answer didn’t take much thinking about. The fact that I was far from being physical... Read more
All you need to know about the 2021 KTM 890 Duke
We thought the world of KTM’s 890 Duke R when it appeared last year. It was like a 790 Duke, but better. It was the middleweight naked that rocked our world more than a middleweight naked had any right to. But KTM were keen to tell us that it... Read more