2021 Honda CB1000R 5Four

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If you watch ‘The Motorbike Show’ on the tellybox, you may have heard of Guy Willison (he’s the one who looks a bit like Mick Jagger). But let me tell you who he is, in case you haven’t. He is a professional bike designer and creator of ‘5Four Motorcycles’. So why am I banging on about this Mick Jagger lookalike off the telly? Well, because he’s designed a limited edition Honda CB1000R 5Four, which is going into official production (albeit in limited numbers).

And it’s not just a paint job and a numbered ‘limited edition’ badge. The 2021 Honda CB1000R 5Four comes with all kinds of special, custom made bits and pieces. But rather than waffle on about it myself, I’ll let the main man, Mr Willison, tell you all about it. This is what he had to say…

Guy WIllison:

“Now here is an already fabulous bike crying out for the 5Four treatment. An obvious starting point. The rear? The 5Four tail tidy has no exterior bracketry so the lines are clean. We’ve also fitted a slim LED rear light enabling the number plate to be mounted as high as possible revealing the whole of the rear tyre. The 5Four composite fairing has been designed to flow with the existing lines of the bike and offer some respite from the elements for the rider and carries an individually numbered Limited Edition badge.

Each bike comes with a fantastic Racefit titanium Growler X exhaust to enhance the single sided swingarm and beautiful new for 2021 spoked wheels; we’ve also fitted black adjustable dog-leg levers with anodized red adjusters and billet mirrors. The supple leather seat has been hand-stitched in the trademark 5Four diamond-padded pattern and, for the paint, we’ve brought the Works Hondas of old bang-up-to-date with stunning candy red, blue and pearl white. The tank also wears a lovingly hand-painted Honda racing logo. We’re so proud of the Honda CB1000R 5Four – and it’s as good to ride as it is to look at!”

Well there you go, everything you need to know about the 2021 Honda CB1000R 5Four, straight from the horse’s mouth. Oh actually, there’s one more thing that you might need to know. The price. It costs £16,954, which is £5,305 more than a standard CB1000R (£11,649). Is anyone tempted?

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