2019 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

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It looks like we’ll be waiting at least another year for the much-craved Honda V4 superbike, as the Big H has just released details of its 2019 Fireblade – and it’s not a V4. In fact, and not surprisingly after just two years, it’s very similar. While it looks damn identical to the previous model (bar some subtle paint changes), there are significant alterations to the electronics suite and you could argue Honda has fixed the 2017/8 version.

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which is essentially the Fireblade’s traction control, has been heavily refined for a smoother execution during corner exit. And previously, HSTC and Wheelie Control functions were combined, meaning a compromise in electronic set-up, whereas for 2019 the two are separate. Yippee.

The operation speed of the Throttle-By-Wire (Honda’s ride-by-wire) has also been increased, which means the time required for revs to drop from full-throttle on throttle closure has been reduced by 45%. And the amount of power delivered when opening a semi-closed throttle has been increased. So it’s basically faster?

Perhaps the real winner here – for track riders – is the ABS intervention being reduced on the 2019 Honda Fireblade, so you’ll actually be able to brake with more than a whiff of finger.



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