2018 Husqvarna FS 450

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It’s a shame that supermoto, in the UK, is about as loved as syphilis, but that hasn’t stopped Husqvarna releasing details of the heavily revised 2018 FS 450. This is a full-fat, thoroughbred supermoto intended for competition use (there’s no road version), brimming with gadgets and fancy components.     

It looks downright badass. The sort of bike we’d use for ram-raid getaways or general pillaging, if we were that way inclined. Husky’s engineers have focused on engine development and fresh aesthetics for 2018. There’s a new Suter slipper clutch (they ain’t cheap) for the ultimate corner entry and supermoto drifting, something that’s been lacking across the SM board recently – certainly among road-legal supermotos.

And then there’s traction control, launch control and a handlebar map switch to play with. The last big update was 2016, so the ’18 bike shares much of the previous upgrades. A WP-designed frame compliments WP suspension, and houses the 450cc DOHC single pot engine (making just shy of 65bhp) with its 5-speed ‘box. A composite subframe made from 30% carbon fibre is very trick.

The FS comes rolling from the factory with a cocktail of aftermarket bolt-ons as standard: ProTaper ‘bars, Brembo braking paraphernalia, Twin Air filter, Bridgestone slicks and Alpina rims. Don’t ask us why there’s a 16.6-inch front wheel and 17-icnh rear.

In many ways, it’s a good job the FS 450 ain’t road legal, as you won’t have a licence for long. It’ll be available in July and cost you around £10k, although we’ll get price confirmation very soon…


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