2017 Can-Am Spyder

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2017 Spyder F3-S Daytona Circuit Yellow Metallic_3-4 front

One too many wheels? Absolutely shite in traffic? Looks like a bastardised American muscle car on ‘roids? Quite possibly, but the Can-Am Spyder is hilarious fun in the right environment and takes drifting to another level – not that we’d know, officer…

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) – the parent company of Can-Am – invite future owners of the Spyder to ‘channel their inner Valentino Rossi or Lewis Hamilton.’ We’re guessing because this three-wheeled hooligan (mixed with touring pleasure) is a halfway house between VR46’s and LH44’s?

Pictured above, the 2017 Can-Am Spyder F3-S Daytona 500 edition features six-spoke wheels, Brembo brakes, spoilers and sportier aesthetics than its more touring-based family members, plus a host of electronics to combine performance and safety. There’s a new ‘Sport’ mode featured on all F3-S models that deactivates the traction control, something that the Spyder duly obliges – I rode/drove an older version several years ago near Cheddar Gorge and it was naughty.

Other variations include the F3-T, RT-S and RT Limited. All are powered by a Rotax 1,330 three-cylinder motor and come in varying states of décor, including cruise control, air suspension, adjustable pegs/’bars, audio systems and storage space.

Going by 44T’s social media, it’s not everyone’s cuppa…



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