2021 Aprilia Tuono 660
When word got out about the RS 660, we were all pretty gosh darn excited. We rode the RS last year and, despite not being able to firmly place it in a particular motorcycle genre, were pretty impressed with its peachy little engine, the way it handled and its space-age tech. That said, the...
2021 Ducati Monster

When you’ve sold as many Monsters as Ducati have – more than 350,000 – you know you’re onto a winner. But whilst the Monster 1200 always seemed to be exactly what it said on the tin (a Monster), its smaller sibling, the Monster 900 never seemed quite as monstrous as I’d have liked….

2021 BMW S 1000 R

BMW has finally given the S 1000 R a long-overdue update; it’s 5.1kg lighter, it’s got a new chassis and yes, before you ask, it does include the newer spec S 1000 RR based engine… sort of. Ok, it’s not in the same 200bhp+ state of tune and you don’t get shifting cams, but essentially, it’s…

Video: Shocking Workshop Skills
In another episode of 44T Blog Sessions, Jason Statham and Robert Webb attack the Vonda with an ill-fated attempt at removing the poorly shock. With the front-end sorted, it was turn of the Öhlins TTX unit to receive some much-needed affection and recall attention. We wouldn’t go as far... Read more
Teaser: 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R
‘Tis the day of sneaky teaser pics: first Ducati and now Kawasaki, who has just released an image of the 2016 ZX-10R. As you can see from the nose, she’s definitely had some styling tweaks but it sounds like the majority of the work has gone into ensuring Kawasaki... Read more
Teaser: Ducati Monster 1200 R
Ducati has released a teaser pic of its ‘most powerful naked bike ever’ – tagged the Monster 1200 R. Details are very sketchy at the moment but there’s a sportier chassis and a more advanced design to go with the extra ponies. By the look of the pic, there’s... Read more
Ariel Ace: Initial thoughts + Photo spesh
Lurking in an inconspicuous building right on the Somerset/Dorset border lays Ariel Motor Company. Famous for designing and manufacturing stupidly fast cars right here in England, Ariel has also been making a fresh foray into motorcycling with a return to its sacred two-wheeled roots. For those who haven’t been... Read more
Video: Suzuki GSX-S1000F Review
Could this unpretentious thing of blueness be one of the bikes of 2015? Maybe not in the aesthetical pleasures department but dynamically, the Suzuki GSX-S1000F is a superbike-derived weapon that genuinely surprised us. It doesn’t brag a gazillion horsepower, nor does it boast any wiz-bang chassis components, but that... Read more
Video: KTM MX Experience
Better late than never, here’s our day out at the KTM MX Experience in blisteringly sexual video format. Much fun was had by all, inlcuding Baron, who’d never even seen a motocross track before and struggled with dust in his bouffant, while I had to try and absorb new... Read more
‘Updated’ 2016 Kawasaki Z1000SX
Kawasaki’s über popular Z1000SX gets updates for 2016, including a slipper clutch: something it was crying out for when being spanked. The semi-naked, sports-touring hybrid has been busting the sales charts for Kawasaki since its launch a few years ago, and also comes with ABS as standard (as all... Read more
Yamaha XJR1300 ‘GUERILLA FOUR’ by Rough Crafts
Yet more Yard Built custom goodness from Yamaha: say hello to the ‘Guerilla Four’ by Rough Crafts and Taiwanese builder, Winston Yeh (we hope that’s his real name). Based on the 2015 Yamaha XJR1300, Winston used the traditional outlets on the streets of Taipei to customise the Yammy into... Read more