Superstock bikes; more ‘super’ than ‘stock’

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We all know that the superbikes on the World (and British) Superbike grids are a far-cry from their showroom-spec brethren. They’ve got tuned engines, beefed up chassis, prototype suspension and carbon fibre everything. And that’s just scratching the surface.... Read more

Motocross; the hardest sport in the world

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When I was a nipper, motocross was my thing. Most weekends I’d be riding... Read more

Rally is my new favourite motorsport

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One of my favourite things about racing motorbikes is that there are so many... Read more

Dakar Prep; Paperwork and sweat

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Who’d have thought getting ready for a major international motorcycle competition would be so... Read more

Top five British bike racers in the world today

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Throughout history, Great Britain has had some ‘great’ British bike racers. Barry Sheene, Ron... Read more

The government hates motorsport.

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It’s been clear for a number of years that the government hates motorsport. It doesn’t matter who’s in charge, or what colour tie they wear, they thoroughly despise it. And although most of us were already aware, this whole... Read more

Marc Marquez; a flash in the pan?

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Yesterday, anyone that watched MotoGP saw Marc Marquez take his 11th consecutive win at... Read more

Ten reasons to take your kids racing

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When I was growing up, I felt like the luckiest kid in the world... Read more

Drivers. Learn how to use slip roads.

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If traffic on motorway or dual carriageway is moving freely, there’s no excuse for... Read more

E Sports – Pull the other one

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I haven’t got a problem with kids playing computer games (it’s a bit weird... Read more